Welcome to 56 Strawberry Hill

I hope you enjoy your stay here


You should find the electric hot water immersion heater is switched on when you arrive. If for any reason it isn’t the switch is located in the kitchen beside the microwave. I’m told the cabinet door over the microwave can inadvertently be pressed against the switch and turn it off, I have now fitted a suitable bumper but it's untested so far.

There are cleaning products, should you need them, in the cupboard under the sink. Hoover, mop and bucket are under the stairs. There is an iron under the sink with an ironing board located in the twin bedroom.

Patio chairs and tables are stored under the stairs just be aware the seagulls are aggressive nowadays through people feeding them so therefore be careful if you choose to eat outside. Don’t leave children unattended - the gulls will swoop down and steal food from them.

Wireless internet is provided via a white Huawei E5576 MiFi device in the kitchen window. Please leave this plugged in and switched on.

ssid= HUAWEI_E5576_4294 password= fredfred

Guests are provided with unlimited 4G Wi-Fi, tested in 2022 to give 17Mbps download speed with a limit of 15 connections. If you can't see it from your device you could try powering the MiFi box off and on again but I've never needed to.

Tolroy Manor also provides internet access within their building but that doesn’t stretch to the accommodation.

Breakages and Accidents happen, I would be most grateful if you could let me know of any. I live half an hour away and would appreciate knowing in advance what needs replacing on changeover day. I will not charge any breakages notified to me before you leave.

Please Do Not Feed The Seagulls

They are confident enough to steal food from your plate or from your hand and are not to be trusted. You will no doubt notice them hanging around and on changeover days I have noticed that they have started to become brave enough to enter the cottage. They are not friendly pets and they need discouraging at all times. Thank you.

Resort Facilities

If you wish to use the facilities of the holiday park the owners, John Fowler, request that you check at reception whether wristbands are being issued this year - I'll update this when the decision has been taken.

Please see and add to our guestbook